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The Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden – have over the years developed energy systems that promote innovation, focus on effective system integration, ensure grid stability and facilitate transformation into sustainable energy solutions.

This will take place in Cape Town on 14 to 16 May.
The Nordic event will be part of one of the continents major business events, the African Utility Week.
The Nordic Utility Days will focus on business opportunities in South Africa. But being part of a much larger event with a continental focus, participating companies will be provided ample opportunities to also showcase their products and solutions to a much wider market. Around 7000 participants from nearly 80 countries are expected to attend the African Utility Week.

The aim of the Nordic Utility Days is to demonstrate that the Nordic countries have political, regulatory and technical solutions to provide cost-effective and climate friendly water and energy solutions for South Africa. The Nordic Utility Days will position the Nordic companies firmly in the South African market and create great exposure for companies interested in doing business in Africa.