Country Specific Finland

14 May 2019
14:00 PM - 15:15 PM
Room - Freesia

Country Specific Finland

Theme: Managing and monitoring water resources and utilities – Finnish experience

Promethium, Robbie Louw will introduce Bioenergy Study report and Finnish companies ready to pursue the identified opportunities


Promethium, Karien Erasmus will introduced Smart Grid vision and potential Nordic consortium approach to identified opportunities


End of session


Finland will use the Country Specific platform to promote two sessions on opportunities in clean energy matched for Finnish companies and smart grid in |south Africa and a presentation of Finnish Water Forum on Finland’s experience on managing and monitoring water resources and utilities. The Country Specific sessions are designed to provide the best platform for Nordic companies to share their areas of specialization with specific industry audience in the Nordic Utility Days area on CC2. All Finnish companies are expected to attend either one of the sessions in respect of its industry. Each session will have a duration of 90 minutes, comprehending presentations, introductions of audience and discussions.

The goal is to position Finland technology and innovation as a forerunner in the industry in Sub Saharan Africa.

The style in which the country specific sessions would be handled should be industry specific discussion and showcasing of technology, innovation of Finnish expertise cases and how do the organisations see it fit to be rolled-up onto the South African or/and Southern Africa landscape.

Business Finland Senior Advisor Ines Mendes will moderate session on energy and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland Advisor Mr. Olli-Matti Verta will moderate the session on water.

Expectations – Presenters from Finnish Companies/Organisations:

Finnish company representative are advised to approach the session in the following manner:

  • Should use using the platform to market their individual company, its brand or specific products, this is the objective of the session.
  • Should focus on the innovative contents of their company technology, products and services offered in addressing industry challenges.
  • Should try and show an understanding of the industry within Sub-Saharan African, and the unique challenges faced by potential clients/countries.
  • Should present their individual company as part of a larger group of advanced Nordic innovative companies, together we are stronger, this is the whole essence of the Nordic Utility Day 2019.