Country specific activities: Norway

16 May 2019
09:00 AM - 10:45 AM
Room - Freesia

Country specific activities: Norway

Cambi Academy is proud to present the various Cambi solutions for the African market. We will include examples from existing customers that have commissioned Cambi THP systems, process details, project successes, challenges, changes and benefits. We aim to make this the most hands on and informative Cambi Academy to date.

09:00 – Welcome address

Ms Astrid Emilie Helle / Norwegian Ambassadør

Ms Heidi Dahl / Director: Innovation Norway South Africa

09:15 – The journey from Unstable and Smelly Sludge to Enhanced Quality Biosolids – From Waste to Worth

Gary Brown | Regional Business Development Consultant – South Africa – Cambi

The presentation shall showcase the Cambi Sustainable Sludge Management Solutions for key African markets and addressing the market drivers.

09:45 – Cambi – Thermal Hydrolysis Process

Julien Chauzy | Project Development Manager – Cambi.

The presentation shall cover the technical aspects of the process solutions, how does THP work, the different THP configurations and technical benefits.

Audience can ask questions at the end of the presentations

10:30 – Selected World Case Studies on Cambi Installations – Seeing is Believing

Gary Brown | Regional Business Development Consultant – South Africa – Cambi

A few case studies on THP installations (B12, B6 and B2) will be presented here from world leading cities from different countries (United States, UK, Netherlands, China, Singapore, Norway)

11:00 – Thames Water Utilities Experiences and Adoption of Sludge Strategy

Mr Paul Fountain | Senior Consultant Biosolids – Thames Water.

Reference to Thames Water’s journey in adopting Thermal Hydrolysis as a key component to their Sludge Strategy

11:30 – Questions, Comments and Opinions