Making the Transition from Coal to Clean Energy

15 May 2019
15:45 PM - 17:00 PM
Room - Freesia

Making the Transition from Coal to Clean Energy


The global energy economy is rapidly transitioning to clean sustainable energy.  Renewable energy is quickly emerging as the preferred option for many to become the primary source of their nation’s electricity, especially due to the fact that they are vital in combating climate change. This transition depends foremost upon a supportive state government that supports renewables and maintains a positive investment climate. DNV GL released the Energy Transition Outlook 2018 which forecasts global energy demand and supply through to 2050. The highlight of the report is that world primary energy supply is likely to peak before 2030, and that the worlds energy demand will decline from 2035 onwards. This is mostly due to rapid electrification and its inherent efficiency. Furthermore, the energy mix is rapidly decarbonising, where coal has already peaked, oil is to peak in 2023 and natural gas will become the largest single source from 2026. This reveals a dramatic energy transition. The Nordic business community is actively pursuing opportunities in renewable energy in developing countries and an emerging “renewable energy cluster” is apparent.  Energy storage has also become a hot topic and the Nordics have conducted important research in this area.

The rapid transition forecasted in the report will still not be enough to meet the sub 2⁰C climate goal and thus additional strong measures are required.

  • What are the main power system challenges that could be encountered during this transition from coal to clean energy?
  • Are the challenges of providing and delivering power to South African possible to overcome? What lessons can we learn?
  • What is the role of gas and storage in future power systems with lots of renewable energy?
  • What is the role of public entities and private corporations in the effective transition from coal making clean energy concept a reality?
  • Is renewable energy the best way to preserve South Africa fossil energy reserves?
  • What is the best base-load renewable energy that Nordic Countries can contribute to the SADC energy mix?

Panel composition:

# Nordic Panellist                 Company Country
1. Wayne Glossop Wartsila Energy Solutions Finland
2. Dr. Peter Bennich Senior Policy Officer


3. Chris Newton Service Line Leader Norway
4. Mieke Bak Rasmussen Special Advisor, Danish Energy Agency Denmark
5. Robbie Louw Promethium MD South Africa
6. Clinton Carter-Brown


CSIR – Head of Energy Center


South Africa
7. Kevin Gesseau Witech Africa South Africa