14 May 2019
14:00 PM - 16:00 PM
Room - Freesia



The Technical Hub Session is intended to provide the best platform for Nordic companies to share their areas of specialization with the general audience within the exhibition area. The overall theme for the two-hour session is “Nordic Innovation”. This is centred around innovative technologies and solution offerings that Nordic companies offer. The Technical Hub Session would be divided into four (4) sub-sessions of 30 minutes each, with each sub-session allocated to a panel of all the Nordic companies that fall within that sub-theme. All Nordic companies will be placed within one of the four sub-themes to deliver a very detailed and interactive session. The platform will be used to showcase how challenges within specific industries across Sub-Saharan African and Nordic countries can be addressed by using the most innovative technologies available.

The Technical Hub Session would be handled in a highly interactive and lively manner for the benefit of the audience.


Highlights of the Session:

The Technical Hub Session will be used to:

  • highlight market insights from the Nordic perspective;
  • provide a forum to challenge Nordic solution offering and their suitability for African challenges and peculiarities;
  • showcase an understanding of the industry within Sub-Saharan Africa, and the unique challenges faced by potential clients/countries and;
  • create the opportunity for networking between Nordic companies/professionals and African companies and professionals.


Moderator Responsibilities:

  1. Introduce each theme and set the context for discussions
  2. Allow each company/individual to briefly introduce themselves and their solution offering.
  3. Provide a neutral view and balance the dynamics between companies and parties.
  4. Answer general questions from the audience or direct the question to a specific individual.
  5. Time keeping for each theme session (30 minutes each).
  6. Introduce the South African/ African context to discussions where possible.
  7. Allow for general audience participation with panellist.

Panel composition:

Theme 1: Investment Trends towards Sustainability

# Name Company Country
1. Mr Arash Khaki EKF Denmark
2. Mr. Jan Fourie Scatec Solar Norway
3. Mr. Terje Osmundsen Empower New Energy Norway
4. Mr. Rami Muqattash Tranter International Sweden
5. Mr. Magnus Andersson Metrum Sweden
6. Mr. Torben Sjoholm ABB Sweden Sweden
7. Mr. Mats Ryberg ABB Sweden Sweden


Theme 2: Making the Transition from Coal to Clean Energy

# Name Company Country
1. Mr. Riccardo Zanetti MAN Energy Solution Denmark
2. Mr. Wayne Glossop Wartsila Finland
3. Mr. Kevin Gessau Witech Africa Finland
4. Mr. Rogério da Conceição Doranova Finland
5. Mr. Dirk Muller Windsim Norway
6. Mr. Christopher Newton DNV-GL Norway
7. Mr. Veine Goransson Siemens Sweden
8. Mr. David de Mattos Swedish Stirling Sweden


Theme 3: Smart Cities and why the Nordics are Leading

# Name Company Country
1. Mr. Jens Husted Kjaer Norlex Denmark
2. Mr. Dominique Verhulst Nokia Finland
3. Mr. Gary Brown Cambi Norway
4. Mr. Russom Kabedom UNIPOWER Sweden
5. Dr. Ralf Wiesenberg AZELIO Sweden
6. Mr. Stefan Multing Digpro Sweden


Theme 4: The 5 R’s in Water Cycle: Reduce, Renew, Reuse, Recycle and Return

# Name Company Country
1. Mr. Jason Hallowes Ekosource Denmark
2. Mr. Brian Mcgugan AVK Denmark
3. Ms. Katri Mehtonen Finnish Water Forum Finland
4. Ms. Debbie Wilkins UROS Finland
5. Mr. Ville Strandman Aqva Finland
6. Mr. Juha Kauppinen Utility of Mikkeli Finland
7. Ms. Vuokko Laurila Aquamec/Watermaster Finland
8. Mr. Siseko Nokia Finland



Mr. Stefan Multing

Ms. Anna-Stiina Heiskaneni

Mr. Juha Kauppinen